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The Ultimate Custom Boudoir Client Gift

Customize your own body-positive affirmation card deck

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Custom Affirmation Card Decks For Boudoir Photographers

The most unique, beautiful, and custom boudoir client gift you’ll ever find.

These custom affirmation cards are the last boudoir client gift you’ll ever need.

Multiply the positive impact you’ll have on your boudoir client’s lives – long after their session.

Forget candles, journals, pens, and other tchotchkes clients don’t really use.

Most clients will forget your name and lose your logo pen, even if they had an incredible experience.

That won’t happen when you give them this.

Imagine a client gift so engaging, your clients will see it more often than their own album.

Every time they use this gift, they’re infused with positive intentions around themselves & their bodies.

At the same time, they see your logo, your face, your branding, and your images.

Don’t waste your limited client gift budget on something that doesn’t make your client feel amazing while remembering YOU!


About Affirmation Decks as a Custom Boudoir Client Gift

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Customize the affirmation deck with YOUR Images

Put your boudoir images on many of the cards in the deck AND the box – so your clients have a lasting reminder of their empowering photography experience!

WARNING: This custom boudoir client gift can easily become a referral generation machine!

*Model release required for anyone appearing on the card deck.
**See pricing below for Design Fee

How it Works

ordering your custom card deck

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Benefits of Custom Affirmation Boudoir Client Gifts

1 / Brand Reconition

With your face & your studio information in each deck, your clients will never forget your name!

2 / Luxury Market Positioning

Custom branding through imagery, colors, and fonts help your photography studio feel more professional & upscale.

3 / Budget-Friendly

Budget-friendly – a beautiful, unique, custom client gift that costs as little as $29 per unit!

4 / Serve Your Clients

Have a lasting, positive impact on your clients by gifting them a tool to help them continue to grow their self-esteem, self-love, and body confidence long after their boudoir session!

Use these affirmations to help your clients set a positive intention for their boudoir photoshoot

Start your sessions with pulling an affirmation card from the deck.

Guide your client toward deep breathing & body connection while repeating the affirmation.

When their session is over, gift them that deck to continue the self-love practice & remember the positive boudoir experience.

Custom Affirmation Card Deck Pricing

Order ahead for 2-3 years worth of clients to save money, reduce administrative overhead with re-orders, and not have to worry about running out!

Design Fees

These are one-time fees. Your design will be archived for 2 years for easy re-ordering.

Want to customize anything else? Reach out for a custom quote!

Custom Images & Branding


  • Your Boudoir Images on as many Affirmation Cards as desired (up to 77) and on the Front of the Box

  • Instructions Card customized with your headshot, studio info, and custom QR code

  • Your Brand Colors on the Card Box & Card Back

  • Your Brand Fonts on the Card Box & Affirmation Cards

Get Mockups of YOUR Custom Affirmation Card Decks

Discover the ultimate custom boudoir client gift!

Email us at to get started.

Meet Soulea

Growing up together in South Florida, we were always chasing adventures, playing with photography, and looking for ways to be creative.

Though we haven’t lived in the same state in many years, we still support each other in creative endeavors and seasons of life.

The Body Deck is the result of our shared values – personal growth, freedom, joy – and our professional lives where we both help clients with body image healing every day.

Have any questions?

Email us at

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