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This bundle includes all of our available variations of the printable Emotions Wheel Posters with five different color options, 2+ design style options per color and THREE ratio options for the perfect fit in your space's size and aesthetic. 


This means you get 35+ digital downloads to get the perfect emotion wheel vibe for your space. This is a great tool for therapists, counselors, coaches, and parents!


Your purchase includes the following:
~35+ feelings wheel printable poster designs (available in green, dark green, pink, blue, and yellow options)
~3 different ratio options for each poster design
~Instructions sheet with print/frame recommendations for different budgets


Print up to 16"x20" (4:5), 18"x24" (3:4), and 24"x36" (4:5)

Bundle: Emotions Wheel Poster in Green, Yellow, Pink, and Blue

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