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We created these body positive affirmation cards to help you heal body image, connect to your values, cultivate self-compassion & confidence, and grow your self love. 


Designed by two childhood best friends who built their careers to empower women and all people to build a deeper, more loving & respectful relationship to with their bodies & hearts. 




This affirmation card deck includes the following:
-One glossy card deck box
-One instructions card
-Digital download for phone screensavers of all the cards in the deck
-77 Individually designed affirm cards featuring a hand-drawn back of card and boudoir photography on many cards
-Cards are sized 3"x5" - the box is designed to be portable and travel-friendly
-Good intention & lots of heart put into all the affirmations & designs!




You can also find printable, poster sized versions of some of these affirmation words in our shop! Go to the Posters section of the shop.





Melissa is the artist behind the stunning design, while the card back drawing & photographs are Gabby's work (as the photographer behind Embodied Art Boudoir in Colorado). 


We hope you enjoy this deck we made just for you! 💖 


~Gabby Jockers & Melissa Smith


PS. Message us for wholesale pricing!

The Body Deck: 77 Affirmation for Self Love

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